It's JT WhatsApp Update Modification 2024 JTWhatsApp Latest Version Which is similar to GBWhatsApp. Thus, JT WhatsApp offers additional benefits than the official WA. While it authorizes your multiple customization options and privacy qualities. But a lot better to get a better experience with chat messenger. Actually, it is completely safe to use. Yes, there is no harm in
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It’s JT WhatsApp Update Modification 2024 JTWhatsApp Latest Version Which is similar to GBWhatsApp. Thus, JT WhatsApp offers additional benefits than the official WA. While it authorizes your multiple customization options and privacy qualities. But a lot better to get a better experience with chat messenger. Actually, it is completely safe to use. Yes, there is no harm in downloading some Apk file from the JUWA trusted website. Yet, it may not be as safe & secure as the official WhatsApp client. So, whether enjoy going for additional qualities or security is preference.

JT WhatsApp Latest 2024 Update V10.1 Apk comes with a lot of fixes and improvements. In the New version, multiple security & customization qualities are added. Being a 3rd-Party application, most prone to getting damaged easily. Thus, it is forever advised not to use such an application. JTWhatsApp Update Version 10.1 authorizes to hide live Online Status. Hence, nobody will see live even if you are. So, can receive it at his own risk if still wants to get it. If someone has sent media in view once, notice some media better than once with the application. Likewise disable the Forwarded Tag in this app forward messages and nobody will understand. Therefore, set who can call me settings and select all contacts want to receive calls from. Visit some statuses of your contacts without letting them understand. This quality allows you to see an online status secretly.

What Is JTWhatsApp 2024 LATEST Update Version Apk?

JTWhatsApp 2024 Update V10.1 new version Apk is a modification performance of the WhatsApp version with additional features. But users can utilise other privacy and security qualities like WhatsApp Lock. Which can call you Freeze last seen, Hide second tick & blue ticks, and more. On top of that, it likewise gives complete customization control to its users. Stylize the home screen chat screen & better according to you. Thus, do experiments with background colours, text colours, fonts, icons and ticks style, and additional.

To enjoy all the qualities of this Modification WhatsApp client, receive & install the latest version of the JT WhatsApp 2024 APK with the given tutorial. it is with this feature view the Trash status. This app permits to Hide Typing status when nobody will know when you are typing. If somebody has trashed a message for you don’t have to be in tension anymore. Yes, this quality will let visit the trash messages. also set all settings and enable this feature. While this quality will only offer your contacts a blue, tick after replying to them

Hide blue ticks and the sender will never see the blue ticks in the messages they have sent to you. So, even after reading some message, it will appear that you haven’t. Therefore, hide all second ticks. This sender will notice only a single tick when they send a message. Also, hide the blue color microphone. Likewise, hide the view of the Recording status no one would see when recording an audio message. This app authorizes to lock.

How To Check For The JT WhatsApp Update Apk?

Open the JTWhatsApp Version Latest Apk and go to the menu. Choose an opportunity from the list and take a step forward. Go to the Updates section directly, and click on the Check For Updates option. But it will now display the latest updates available receiver and install the latest version of JT WhatsApp 2024 Update Apk from there. It app authorizes you to customize the Header of the App’s Home screen. Modify the UI style, colors, and more.  Also adjust the Rows’ style, colors, and many other options like text color, contact name color, and more. It permits you to customize the Floating round Action Button. Style them under the selection. While can customize and stylize the Status Screen of the App and Change Text, colors, and background.

JT WhatsApp 2024 Update Apk also authorizes to change the look of the image by customizing the Photo corners. This quality will enable you to receive a notification whenever someone views the story. Enabling this quality will hide the grey line between the chats on the Home screen. Therefore, you can enable or disable the notifications when contacts come online or offline. But can also customize the Forward Settings of the Application. It authorizes to make your Pattern Invisible. No one will observe the pattern when draw it on your display. Similarly disable the vibration when draw the Pattern on the display with the Disable Pattern Vibration option. Additionally, more than 4500 themes are public in the get themes area. Thus, can download any theme and apply it to make WhatsApp glance cool and different from others.

More Read JT WhatsApp

Likewise, modify the App Language, allow Conversation Cards, Disable Heads-Up Notifications, Disable the badge counter, and Disable Audio Playing Notifications. So, with this, you can likewise Increase Forward Limit, Disable Swipe to leave convoy, Enable Always online, Send Images in complete resolution, and disable the Image share limit. There are better qualities like Group Admin Indicator, Confirm before sending a Sticker, latest Attachment Picker UI, Custom Wallpaper per contact, Profile Pic Wallpaper, and Hide the Date and Time option. Hence, it also authorizes to side-load a theme if you have a theme saved in device storage, load it and apply it to WhatsApp. when save favorite themes from JTWhatsApp to local device storage. It will support to load your favorite theme anytime, anywhere.

Therefore, Set all Translate Option Settings JT WhatsApp Update 2024 Apk quality will support you with quicker translations. Completely customize your chat’s look by setting chat colors, emoji button color, send button color, and additionally. Hence, the App authorizes to decide to enable or disable the Chat Contact Pic and more. Stylize the Bubble box, Text, and Ticks of your WhatsApp set colors, styles, sizes, and more. This App authorizes users to change the Emoji Variant. You can choose any Emoji Variant from WhatsApp, Old version WhatsApp (iOS), One, Facebook, and Android iOS. Furthermore, can change the Font Style, Launcher Icons, and Notification logo. Thus, customize the Action Bar Settings. Hide your contact’s DP title Status Call button and more.

Features JTWHATSAPP Update Version App

Replace saved them to the JTWhatsApp 2024 Update App. If not finding a suitable theme, restore your saved one. Change all color settings JT WhatsApp permits you to change the Universal color of the App, Universal Action Bar Fount Text color, Background, List Background, Status Bar, and Navigation Bar color. With this feature, can choose the media, i.e., images, videos, or GIFs, that you want to hide from the gallery. This feature allows users to generate a backup and restore it whenever they like.


  • Freeze Last Seen
  • Hide Blue Ticks
  • Anti-View Once
  • Disable Forwarded
  • Hide View Status
  • Anti-Delete Status
  • Hide Blue Microphone
  • Anti-Delete Messages
  • Show Blue Ticks After Reply
  • Hide Second Tick
  • Typing Hide
  • Hide Recording


  • Lock WhatsApp
  • Make Pattern Invisible
  • Disable Pattern Vibration
  • Themes
  • Download
  • Load
  • Save
  • Restore

Extra JTWhatsAPP Qualities

The JTWhatsApp 2024 Update Latest Version Apk Widget allows you to shift the colour of the WhatsApp background. Customize any color with JT WhatsApp Widget can also switch the color of the Contact Save Names.

Home Screen Customization

  • Header
  • Rows
  • Floating Action Button
  • Status
  • Photos Corner
  • Viewed Story Toast
  • Hide Chats Divider
  • Disable Contact Online Toast
  • Forward Settings

Universal Features

  1. Colors
  2. Styles
  3. Hide Media from Gallery
  4. Backup and restore
  5. Settings

Use own PIN or Password smart safety Fingerprint lock to secure App. Along with the background colour and contact title colour, JTWhatsApp 2024 New Update Apk Widget also suggests you choose the colour of the Contact Status Text colour.


  • Background
  • Contact Name Color
  • Contact Status Text Color
  • Chat Screen Customization
  • Action Bar
  • Bubble And Ticks
  • Pics
  • Conversation Entry Style
  • Translate Option Settings
  • More Settings

How to Set-up and Install JT WhatsApp 2024 Apk?

1ST Step: Enable the all Unknown Sources Option

  • 1st of all, need to allow your device to install APK files from all Unknown Sources.
  • move to own device’s Settings App.
  • Some time later step into the Security Settings.
  • Now, discover the Unknown Sources option and enable the installation from Unknown Sources from there.

2nd Step: Download And Install JT WhatsApp Apk

  • Receive the JTWhatsApp Apk’s latest version and hold on until the Download process achieves completed.
  • Then move to the device File Manager App on the Android gadget.
  • Search for the freshly downloaded Apk file.
  • You can search it in the Downloads yellow colour folder.
  • Click on the file, and then choose the Install option to initiate the installation process.
  • Wait for the process to end and then work the App.

3rd Step: Launch The App

  • Open the App.
  • Then Hit on the Agree and Continue option from there.
  • Once done, It will query to provide your contact Sim number.
  • Enter Sim number and Click Next.
  • Verify Sim number by allowing the App to call settings.

After a successful sim number verification, can put your Profile image and enter title. Now JT WhatsApp 2024 Update Apk with the WhatsApp Lock feature.

Now have entry to all the features of the JT WhatsApp. Enjoy!

Finalizing Result

JTWhatsApp 2024 Version Update Latest V10.1 Apk can shift the overall experience of using JT WhatsApp Messenger. So, with its modern features, customize all general look, have more fun with different Emoji Packs, and receive extra Privacy and Security qualities.

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