Well Guys, WhatsApp GOLD 2024 New Update Version Apk has all the qualities that other variants are offering. Similarly, it offers exclusive qualities that can see on chat display. Hence, these are Embellishment of Text, quick Auto Text, and Message. While, a challenging competitor to the most famous WA variant, WhatsApp Gold, is becoming popular among users. Therefore, it provides
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Well Guys, WhatsApp GOLD 2024 New Update Version Apk has all the qualities that other variants are offering. Similarly, it offers exclusive qualities that can see on chat display. Hence, these are Embellishment of Text, quick Auto Text, and Message. While, a challenging competitor to the most famous WA variant, WhatsApp Gold, is becoming popular among users. Therefore, it provides users with multiple qualities over. The official WA like Anti dismiss messages and statuses, All Hide Chats, WG Lock, Secrete Blue Ticks, ETC. If you are interested in downloading WAGold 2024 Update App on Phone, keep reading the essa. Use both applications on the same mobile phone device.

WhatsApp GOLD 2024 Update Latest V36 APK does not protest any hidden expenses so can use it without any stress of paying something. Thus, this messaging APK is the leading finest form to impress all relative with the stunning qualities of  >>WG << APK. While you should have 2 different connectors in demand to use two different WA accounts on one Phone. When Android cell phones came into the hands of somebody, then communication through messages did bring a methodology.

In reality, it changed the whole way of doing items. Because, a critical requirement arose which is the security of communication. While this need to make people create unique solutions. That’s why came into the market and increased to the heights of popularity. Basically, One Billion People are Operating it now. Though, this essay will tell you about GOLDWhatsApp 2024 Update Version 36 APK — A Small application 75 MB that has more qualities and functionalities. Of course, everyone can communicate with End-To-End encryption. Actually, we want you to read the article in full detail. Hence, keep reading to discover more.

Is WhatsApp GOLD 2024 Reliable And Safe Apk?

Basically, being a 3rd-Party application, Gold is not a reliable WA variant. Actually, your account can easily be felled, and your privacy can be at significant risk if are using a modz 2024 WhatsApp GOLD. WG is a modification of WA that provides different features. Yes, it has some premier quality that are not yet available on the different variants. So, in terms of Security, both are 3rd-party applications, While you can’t trust both. Yet, GB WhatsApp is slightly better than WA Web Gold. On the different hand, Gold offers more qualities, including all the features of DELTA WhatsApp APK.

It is an equal app performing exactly like WAPP. But it was introduced in the market in 2011 So Developer and senior 19 app 20 Rafael created this App by customizing the actual WhatsApp application. Add more functionalities qualities, which we will discuss in the essay. Hence, are you Also Looking for JTWhatsApp APK Check? Actually, Gold WhatsApp 2024 Update APK offers users an interface full of golden themes and other personalized qualities. So, users are friendly with the actual WAAPP, while lamenting the fast communication platform.

It provided was surely also beaten by its too many useful limitations. WhatsApp Gold Apk Update is the likewise savior of tech wonks, with all sorts of tricks to make everyone’s online communication more intelligent. Best modification of the basic code and introduced a fresh user interface. The symbol of the original App is green, which is transformed into gold.

What Is WhatsApp GOLD 2024 Update Apk?

WhatsApp GOLD 2024 Update Apk is undoubtedly the dominant platform in the fiercely competitive instant messaging demand. But a few facts enumerated beneath is the main explanation why users steadfastly choose it. Thus, for starters, WhatsApp Gold absorbs the traditional WApp essence and denies its dross. While it totally removes the disadvantages presented in the official one. Yet, it gives us better stuff and functions than traditional apps.

So, many of the qualities users wanted have been missing from the actual application for a long duration. Hence, there are some of the most offered qualities. Such as multiple account support, which is still not part of the app, and there are no official plans to add these accessible features. Fortunately, WhatsApp Gold can offer more qualities than regular WApp. Because such as pausing the final Seen, hiding double blue check marks, locking the complete app, and using two accounts.

Official online status authorizes users to review whether their contacts are active on the platform right now and when they were last active. Actually, some accounts online don’t necessarily mean someone has seen your message they’re simply using the application at the duration. All been in a situation where we want to use regular WhatsApp. Upset by others, or don’t want to be upset by others.

WhatsApp Gold 2024 Update Apk will support hide live status to prove “digital absence” to your colleague or to somebody attempting to escape. Thus, traditional WA can be hidden, at the same moment cannot see the status of the different person. While the difference is that WG APK Full authorizes to just hide your own personal status, but can notice the status of different individuals.

Features Of Update Apk?

Privacy Features:

  • Anti View Once
  • Disable Forwarded
  • Freeze Last Seen
  • Who can call me?
  • Hide View Status
  • Anti Delete Status
  • Hide Download Statuses Button
  • Anti Delete Messages
  • Show Blue Ticks After the Reply
  • Hide Blue Ticks
  • Second Tick
  • Blue Microphone
  • Typing…, Recording Status.

Customization Options:

  • More than 4000 stylish themes
  • Save, Load, Restore
  • Download Themes
  • Customize the colour,
  • style overall 
  • Customize fonts
  • Full Home Screen Customization
  • Full Conversation Screen Customization
  • Notifications Customization
  • Go Wp Widget

Security Qualities:

  • WhatsApp Lock
  • Pattern, Fingerprint
  • PIN lock
  • Hide Specific Chats
  • Add Recovery Question
  • Make Pattern Invisible
  • Disable Pattern Vibration
  • Make Pattern Invisible
  • Anti-Ban System
  • Hide Media From Gallery
  • Helpful Qualities:
  • Airplane Mode
  • Light/Dark Theme
  • Auto Reply
  • Message Scheduler
  • Mass Message Sender
  • Backup & Restore
  • Message a Number
  • Disable Heads-Up Notification
  • Increase Forward Limit
  • Enable Always Online
  • Clear Logs
  • Send Images in Full Resolution
  • Disable Image Share Limit
  • Clear Temporary WhatsApp Files

Chat Screen Qualities:

  • Message
  • Auto Text
  • Direct Send Thumbs Up
  • Direct Send Heart
  • Text Embellishment
  • Custom Privacy
  • Custom Media Auto Downloader
  • Hide Contact Name
  • Add Security
  • Enable/Disable No Calls
  • Contact Online Toast

How To SET-UP & Install Gold WhatsApp 2024 Update Apk?


  1. Enable All Unknown Sources.
  2. Foremost of all, you must enable the Set Up installation from unknown sources. Yet, you can’t install the Apk without it.
  3. To allow Unknown Sources, Go to the Settings App >>>> Security Settings >>>> Enable Unknown Sources Option.


  1. SET-UP And Install The Apk.
  2. Get the WhatsappGold 2024 Update Apk from the website.
  3. Yet, wait till the download process is achieved.
  4. Discover the newly downloaded file in the yellow colour so download Folder of your File Manager App. Some time later also discover it in the Downloads section of your browser.
  5. Click or tap on the file and select the Installation to start the installation.
  6. But for installation, can open the App and put up WAPP account.


  1. Launch All App.
  2. After complete successfully installing Set-Up the Apk, Open the App.
  3. Click on Yes and Continue from the first page open.
  4. Next, will be requested to enter your mobile Cell number.
  5. Confirm mobile Cell number and proceed with confirmation.
  6. Authorize WhatsApp to send and read messages.
  7. Confirm your Cell number by call or SMS.

And after successful confirmation, may proceed to set up your Profile Info, i.e., Profile image and title.

Currently, ready to operate your WhatsApp Apk with the advanced 2024 Gold Updated qualities.

How To 2024 Update All Gold WhatsApp App?

1ST Method:

  • Actual Update From Menu.
  • Open WA Apk.
  • Click on the three (…) dots from the top bar of the screen.
  • Currently, Hit on the WhatsApp Gold Update 2024 Apk option.
  • You can update the App from the Official website or our website JUWA 777 Apk.
  • Update it from Telegram. All choice!

2ND Method:

  1. More Updates Opportunities.
  2. Open WhatsApp and Click on the three dots (…) from the top bar.
  3. Move to the Gold Settings option.
  4. Scroll down and SETUP into the Updates option.
  5. Currently, review for updates from there. Download some current update if available.
  6. You can also visit WhatsApp changelog from there.
  7. But can also get the WA App from official website.

Finalizing Result

Hence, that is how can Download and install WhatsApp Gold 2024 Update V36 latest version on all Android gadgets. Accordingly, WA account may too get restricted. Likewise, all the WhatsApp variants are not secure as the official WA, they are all 3rd-Party applications.

The App has outstanding qualities that energy attract to download it. Thus, we have detailed all the qualities of the App above. Though before downloading it. Must know that official Apk does not authorize the use of any alter App.

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